**It is best to use Internet Explorer to add your cattle

1) Type information about your animal into the areas. Make sure to select the correct category.
Note: Price field can be filled in with your price or you can leave the default "Call For Pricing". Click on the drop-down arrow to see more options and categories that your cattle might fit in. You can only choose one category.

2) Enter a description about the animal you are selling in this section. Also, put your contact information here as well as in the contact box to the right.

3) Remember without your contact information no one can reach you to buy your cattle! So make sure you have entered your contact info.

4) If you have YouTube video of your cattle, enter the YouTube embed code here. Your video needs to have been uploaded to the internet, via YouTube. On your YouTube video page simply click the Share button and then look for the embed code and then copy and paste into the Video box.

Steps to Embed Code:
1. Click Share underneath the YouTube video.
2. Click Embed button, a box with code should appear below.
3. Copy the <iframe code that you see displayed.

Example of YouTube embed code: <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ABcdexample" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

5) Enter in pedigree information in each box.

6) Add photos of your animal you are wanting to sell under the Image section. You may add up to 3 photos by clicking browse and then selecting the picture from your documents. The picture cannot exceed 2MB in file size. **Make sure you upload a .jpg. Any other file will not work.

6) When you are finished, click save and your animal will be submitted for approval.

Upon approval your cattle will be listed on the sale page.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Make a Mistake? - No Worries!
If you submit your sale cattle before you have completed all the information you would like included simply submit the animal again and email us at info@brahmanjournal.com that you have two submissions of the same animal. We will approve the version that is complete.

Need to change or add info? - We are here to help!
If you would like to add info about your sale cattle just email us the info at info@brahmanjournal.com. We are here to help you out!!

Need to remove an animal after its sold? - We are here to help!
If you would like to remove an animal after it has sold, please email us the info at info@brahmanjournal.com.